Merle Phenotype Combinations

This downloadable PDF explains the "langevin et al" scale of merle
how the length of each allele was arrived at for breeding purposes.

When setting the base pair bins for each allele I took into consideration
important issues for breeders.

 #1 - which combinations of alleles can express with a Merle pattern?
#2 - how crisp and clear will that pattern be?
#3 - which combinations of alleles can delete pigment to white within the Merle pattern?

The lengths of each allele were arrived at specifically to address the needs of breeders

In order to achieve these precise results of "genotype = phenotype", there must be a working knowledge of dogs in pedigrees; parents, offspring and related individuals through generations.
This is a prime example of how breeders of all breeds, who are on the frontlines of recognizing the colors and patterns from parent to offspring, have been instrumental in helping labs and researchers to develop new testing.