Date Released - Oct, 27, 2018

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This book is based on our research paper published on Sept, 20, 2018 to PLOS ONE - an online peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the "Public Library of Science."

The paper was purposely submitted to a journal that is "open access", meaning that readers are not required to pay a monthly, yearly or a one time fee to view and download the paper. The paper may also be freely shared. This was done specifically to make this information readily available to all who are interested - not only to researchers but to owners and breeders, those who deal with the inheritance of Merle through generations of pedigrees.

The paper may be viewed by following the link provided below.
My book will expand upon information in the research paper, approached in a way that it is easy to understand and follow.

Merle phenotypes in dogs - SILV SINE insertions from Mc to Mh

Copyright: © 2018 Langevin et al. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. 

The book is 134 pages and has over 250 example photos.
For detailed contents please see the "Contents" page. 

The book is available as a PDF and also a hard copy printed version.

Read Tracy Libby's review in the "Australian Shepherd Journal" Sept/Oct 2019 issue.

PDF Version

Cost - $10/US

This includes any revisions that may be published in the future as any new genetic information becomes available.

Proceeds from the book go towards DNA testing already done and any future testing.

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The PDF is currently available in English, Czech, Hungarian, French, Danish, German, Dutch and Italian.

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Printed Book - English - 5th printing - SOLD OUT

SEPT, 2023 - I am very pleased that there have been 1,000 printed books sold since the first printing 4 years.
At this time I have no plans for another printing in the foreseeable future. The PDF is always available :o)

The book is professionally printed as a softcover - 8.5" x 11" - perfect bound,
154 pgs in full color.

First printing released June, 14, 2019 - 300 books
Second printing released Aug, 28, 2019 - 200 books
Third printing released March, 8, 2020 - 150 books
Fourth printing released Jan, 14, 2021 - 200 books
Fifth printing released Feb, 23, 2022 - 150 books

Printed Book - German - Sold Out

Das Buch ist professionell als Softcover - 21,59 x 27,94cm gedruckt, perfekt gebunden, 134 Seiten in voller Farbe.

Die Kosten belaufen sich auf 45 Dollar/US (ca. 40,81€ Stand Januar 2020) und werden mit einem Paket zum Preis von $20/US (ca. 18,14€ Stand Januar 2020) weltweit versand.

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Contact - Mary Langevin

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